Friday, May 27, 2016

My First Post Filled with Bullshiet Already

Today I called my mom a hoe for having herpes, I mean I wasn't the only one who wanted to say. I know for sure my sister did too, excepted I was the stupid one to scream it out in front of my mothers face in a moment of anger. And yea cruel and very disrespectful. I know but when I get angry I say thing that hurt at least that what my mother tells me every time we have an argument. I kind of get it to I am a very quiet girl and observe many people on their natural habitat and how the interact. kind of weird but it helps me be mature than many my age. I guess that I observe way o much to find out peoples secret, I mean its not that hard peoples expressions say it all. Well back to my argument so I guess me calling her a hoe hurt her because it true, you know the truth hurt more than any other lie.

Not that  long ago I found out my lovely mother had herpes. At first I didn't have any reaction, I was shocked and so where my sisters. Then my reaction was disappointment with a weird feeling on my stomach like if I had  big hole inside of it. Eventually it didn't take me long to move on from the whole reveal. But the thought of my mother having herpes has always crossed my mind. And so and so I started to find evidence that she was a hoe. I know I cant judge her but its my own personal blog aka like my diary. So my friends would meet my family and will always ask me why do you and all your sisters of you look different? I would say because we all have different dads, they would look at me like thinking your mom is a hoe. At first I didn't mind you know to me its normal but what's worse now is that now I low-key believe it. Sad huh? But I mean she did have us all with different men.

Oh yea like about a week or two I found a condom rapper in her room. Wait let me explain... my mother is a "single" mother but she has a boyfriend she has been dating for a while. I mean she can date It not like I'm against it. At first it started my them hanging out outside in the parking lot I mean its coo. But then she brought his inside the house, I mean I wasn't completely okay with it, but the man was already inside I couldn't be disrespectful, one or another he was a visitor so I was coo I let it slid. But when she brought him inside to have sex while he daughters where in the other room, I found it disrespectful to me and everyone that was in the house in that moment. I mean I would have never known if she had just bothered to at side hide the evidence but nah. I know she single and needs her necessities as much as the other woman but not inside when your daughters are there you know.

I never liked that boyfriend of hers. TBH I've never liked any of her exs but this one is worse and so is she for going with it. Well Toni is married with kids and my mother is the other woman, and I hate it. I hated because she hurting a family and she of all should know that her exs did that to her and destroy her along with her us. But she doesn't care she happy like a little teen. Ohh plus he deals drugs, yep not making it up. Once he asked my mother if she would rent her the garage to make his business here in Tulare too. Of course I convinced her to say no if I hadn't she would have gone along with it.